We invite you to our restaurant, where the extraordinary taste of oriental dishes and exquisite European dishes interacts with the cosy atmosphere and professional service.
Our restaurant is a perfect place for breakfast with morning coffee, business lunches and dinners consumed together with the taste of the best wines and the composition of drinks.


Illustrative Restaurant Menu:

Welcomes you everyday

From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

 On Sunday from 11:00 am to 8 p.m.

The Chef recommends: 

– King prawns fried in butter with a hint of garlic watered white wine – 38zł 

– Mussels in white wine served with garlic toast – 29zł

– Spicy shrimp soup – 12zł 

– Onion soup with tomatoes and herbs baked with camembert cheese – 12zł

– Borsch with patty – 10zł 

– Salmon baked in the oven served on tagliatelle with spinach and parmesan cheese – 35zł 

– Grilled steak served like the American steakhouse with chips and boiled vegetables – 45zł


– Raw beef with additives – 25zł

– Beef carpaccio, generously seasoned with olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and grated with parmesan cheese – 25zł

– Herring sleeping under the creamy blanket with onions – 14zł

– Chopped tartare with fresh Norwegian salmon with the addition of fresh cucumber – 20zł

– Blood sausage from the pan with vine onion – 14zł


– Salad “Zosia” with grilled chicken – 18 zł

– Salad “Soplicowo” with feta cheese and fresh vegetables – 16zł

– Grilled salmon on the fragile leaves of lettuce with tomato, cucumber, olives and herb sauce – 18zł

– Pink backed duck breast on mixed salad, with tomato, cucumber, pepper and mustard sauce and honey – 20 zł


– Lithuanian soup from pore – 10 zł

– Black soup with potato dumplings and delicious stomachs – 12zł

– Polish sour on porcini mushrooms served in bread – 12zł

– Polish chicken soup with familiar noodles – 8zł

-Gnome mushroom soup – 10zł

– Beef guts – 12zł

Main course

Beef dishes:

– Rump of beef with mushrooms and onions, served with french fries and fried cabbage – 44zł

– Sirloin steak, French fries, boiled vegetables – 44zł

– Beef tenderloin in two sections with spinach served with fries and salad – 46zł

– “Jegrowy” crumpet with beef stew and pickled cucumber – 35zł

Pork dishes

– Pork tenderloin with bacon sauce served with boiled vegetables and potato wedges – 35zł

– Grilled pork steak with mushroom sauce, rice and vegetables cooked – 35zł

– Schnitzel a la Vienna, pork tenderloins with fries and salad – 30 zł

– Baked or boiled “bear’s paw” – knuckle with hazel vegetables and boiled potatoes – 42zł

– Pork chop a’la comber – grilled pork loin on the bone served with pieces of potato and salad – 30zł

Poultry dishes

– Chicken fillet marinated in garlic, grilled, served with garlic-yoghurt sauce, fries and salads – 28zł

– Escalopes of chicken in a creamy cheese sauce served with tagliatelle and cooked vegetables – 33zł

– Half of duck roasted with apples, potatoes, herbs and red cabbage – 40 PLN

– Fillet of goose with plum sauce with homemade croquettes and fried beetroot – 49zł


– Salmon fillet in the vegetable garden with rice – 35 zł

– Trout fried in almonds or cooked served with fries and coleslaw – 30 PLN

– Tench with golden chanterelles served with french fries and salad of sauerkraut – 30zł

– Cod fillet in a creamy mushroom sauce with rice and boiled vegetables – 30zł

Regional dishes

– Old polish sauerkraut-and-meat stew – 15 zł

– “Russian Roulette”: dumplings stuffed with meat, cabbage and mushrooms, Ruthenian (10pc) – 19zł, ravioli – mix

Vegetarian dishes

Pancakes with spinach and feta cheese (2 pc) – 15 zł

– Grilled camembert with cranberry – 15 zł

– Tagliatelle with spinach – 18zł

For chidren

– Pancakes with cheese vanilla (2 pcs) – 14zł

– Chicken angel wings with fries and salad – 18zł

– Fish finger witch fries and salad – 18zł


– Cake with additives – 10zł

– Ice bowl with additives – 10zł

– Sorbet with sabayone sauce (3 scoops) – 10zł

– Pancake with fruits (2 pcs) – 14zł

The menu is only illustrative – the current menu and pricing is available at the restaurant.